Forging the bond – Friday Fictioneers

One of the great things about Friday Fictioneers is the feedback writers receive.  I was delighted that so many readers wanted more of the story I wrote last week, The edge of uncertainty – Friday Fictioneers, so here is another instalment.  Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

 Friday Fictioneers is a weekly group hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  If you would like to join this venture, do use the link to her blog and let the photo prompt challenge you to produce a 100 word piece of flash fiction.  It’s such a good way to get involved in writing!

69 desk

PHOTO PROMPT © Claire Sheldon

Forging the bond

Morning arrived without him.  She went alone to the celebratory breakfast.

 “Where is your husband?” the Governor enquired.

 “Here, I thought,” she replied, feigning surprise.

 Anger swept across his face.  He rose to his feet.

 The door opened to admit the missing groom.  “Forgive me…” he began.

 She turned to the Governor. “I crave your indulgence.  A moment, if you please.”

 Drawing her husband’s face down to hers, she kissed him full on the mouth then whispered, “We’re staying together.  Be strong!”

 The Governor roared with laughter, “A generous response to a brief separation!”

 The assembled guests cheered their approval.


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