Signs of life – Friday Fictioneers

My story this week is linked to the piece The life she left behind posted on 13th October 2016.  It is inspired by Friday Fictioneers, a weekly group hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who chooses a photo prompt to encourage writers to produce a 100 word piece of flash fiction.  Do use the link to her blog if you are interested in joining the group.  It’s a great way to get involved in writing.


PHOTO PROMPT © Claire Fuller

Signs of life

I waited until dark and made my way to Aldwin’s cottage.  He quickly ushered me inside.

 “It’s not safe for you here,” he said.

 “I had to come back.”

 He nodded and led me into the tiny back room, bidding me to sit quietly.  He sat, deep in thought, studying the various objects.

 “They’ve flown the nest,” he said at last.  “Across the sea, in a fishing boat.  North-easterly direction.  Good fortune goes with them.”

 I left the cottage and followed his directions.  A man, dark-haired, with a thin moustache met me.  “Fear not,” he said.  “We will find them.”





14 thoughts on “Signs of life – Friday Fictioneers

    1. Thank you for your comment, Neil. The story is linked to the piece I wrote last week. The character, Amabel, is now writing in the first person and she has gone back, as she intended. Her first stop is to see the man who can help her by providing information, through supernatural means, to help her on her quest.


    1. Thank you for your response, Michael. I’m glad you found it atmospheric – just what I was hoping for. I have responded to Neil with some details that I hope will make the story a little clearer for you. She doesn’t know where the others have gone but she is hoping to find them with the help that Aldwin has offered her through reading the ‘signs’ in the objects on the shelves in his back room.


  1. Beautifully written and stands on its own (which is a good thing because it’s hard to keep up with stories that are linked to other ones). Mind you, I remember last week’s so… 😉

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    1. Thank you for your positive response. I was very pleased that you thought my story worked as an independent piece. I hoped that it would in spite of (and, indeed, as well as, being linked to a previous story.) I’m very happy that you remembered the story from last week – that’s really good to know! Thanks for that, too.

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