The need to know – Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly group hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who chooses a photo prompt to inspire writers to produce a 100 word piece of flash fiction.  Do use the link to her blog if you are interested in joining the group.  It’s a great way to get involved in writing.

plane at sunset

copyright-Rich Voza

The need to know

The door at the end of the corridor opened into a small room.  The walls were lined with shelves full of books.  She had never seen so many.

 She pulled one out.  A diary, hand-written with photographs.  It opened at a page entitled ‘The sun sets on air travel’.  She remembered her grandfather telling her about various forms of transport.  There was nothing now.  All lost without trace.

 Hearing voices, she pushed the diary into her bag.  She had to have it.  It might explain what happened, help her understand.

 Outside the building, the sun sank slowly below the horizon.



10 thoughts on “The need to know – Friday Fictioneers

    1. A good point, Bjorn. Thank you for making it. We may currently consign electronic records to the ‘clouds’ for safe keeping but who knows what treasures are waiting to be found in unexpected places? What about the 400 year old painting attributed to Caravaggio that lay undetected in an attic for 150 years and that generated a flurry of interest in April this year? I like to think that other historical materials will continue to survive and suddenly turn up in years to come. I certainly hope so!


  1. When technology is lost, a return to old ways is necessary. This is a fascinating story Edith. What has happened in this future you describe? And why is it being kept from her? I look forward to reading more.


    1. Thank you for your response, Thom. It’s good to know that the story caught your imagination. It is set after a time of irrevocable change across the world when the small numbers of people still in existence are trying to establish a new life. There will be more extracts!


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